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I have always been a rebel. And I have rebelled against people and places that may have wanted me to quietly “go along” be non-confrontational, easy to work with, and docile — a stereotype that is especially common for women. I have a healthy disrespect for the status quo and the courage to lead change that can be disruptive. As a rebel I come up against great friction and also face biases, but as long as I can continue to spark a movement of courageous action towards a better way of doing business – for people and the planet I will continue to break the rules with conviction. It has taken me a long time, but today, when I speak up or do things differently than what is expected of me, I make no apologies.


We are facing deep interwoven set of global challenges with climate change, biodiversity loss, inequality and health. If we view these challenges through an added lens of gender, the complications are fatal to social and economic renewal.

The time is now to overhaul biases, shift perceptions, bust taboos, transform mindsets, make trouble, cause a revolution and put yourself in greater service of the world. Silence is a misused privilege and few things are more pleasurable than busting myths that purpose and
profit is at odds.

My passions cut across business, environmental and social disciplines and I am biased for making a positive impact and obsessed

Selected Keynotes

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